Ranch Series Log Homes

Custom Ranch Log Homes in West VIrginia


  • Log walls of machine-milled select Easter White Pine according to the style you've chosen.

  • Several Log Sizes and Profiles Including D-Log, Half Bevel, and Full Bevel.

  • QUALITY is our main objective. Your wall logs will be individually graded to meet or exceed ASTM D-3957, which is the industry standard for grading wall logs.

  • All Logs Pressure-treated with a borate solution. This is a safe, EPA-approved wood preservative designed to protect your investment from wood digesting insects and decay.

  • True Exposed Beam Ceilings using pre-cut Rafters, Collar Ties, Ridge Beams, and Support Posts for your authentic cathedral ceiling.

  • A unique wall adjusting system to keep your log walls tight, during and after the setting process.

  • A wide selection of standard models to choose from, or you can custom manufacture to suit your individual needs.

Features of log homes

At Colonial Village Industries we use BPB Log Homes for the best possible quality in construction materials. Along with our many years of experience and BPB's quility standard, we are able to build your beautiful new log home that will last more than a lifetime.


Click through BPB Log Homes site below, find your new home and call us or BPB Log Homes to find out more.